Signs You Could Benefit From Some Career Coaching Sessions

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Signs You Could Benefit From Some Career Coaching Sessions

26 August 2020
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Everyone has a unique career path. Even if you and another person are in the same profession, chances are, you took somewhat different paths to get there. Now, more than ever, career paths are not these well-defined roads, but rather paths that you need to forge yourself through weeds and brush. So how do you know what path to make and what to do next in your career? Many times, it's helpful to seek some guidance from a career coach. Here are a few signs you're in need of a few career coaching sessions.

1. You are unhappy in your current job.

If you wake up every day dreading having to go to work, something is wrong. While your work does not have to be your favorite thing to do, it should not be something that causes you pain and anxiety. This is a sure sign you need to find a different line of work. A career coach can help you with that. They can identify what it is that you hate so much about your current position and then help you explore jobs that don't include that element. The result will be a happier you — and you deserve that!

2. You have been interviewing, but with no luck.

Maybe you have been interviewing for positions for a while, but you have not yet been hired. You need to know what mistakes you are making and where you can improve in order to get results and finally land a job! A career coach can help you with practice interviews. They can identify your weaknesses and help you with them, and they can give you some pointers to help ensure you get hired sooner.

3. You want to make a big change in your career.

Maybe you've been working in the banking industry for years, but now you are interested in working in real estate. Or maybe you've been working in public health and you now think you want to become a teacher. These types of career transitions are hard. It can be tough to figure out how to market yourself on your resume when you're applying for positions you've never had before, and it can be even harder to make new contacts in your new industry! A career coach can guide you though all of this and into a new career path.

The scenarios above are just a few situations in which career coaching is really helpful. If you have any questions or struggles with employment whatsoever, a few coaching sessions are in order.