Jobs That May Appeal To You At A Movie Theater

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Jobs That May Appeal To You At A Movie Theater

25 March 2020
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If you've just learned that a new movie theater will be opening in your community, you may be excited for two reasons. Not only will you have another place to watch movies, but you'll also be able to apply for a job at this local business if doing so appeals to you. Previous job experience at a movie theater can help your likelihood of getting a job, but you can still be a good candidate even if you've never worked at a theater. Here are some specific jobs for which the theater may be hiring—and that may appeal to you.

Concession Stand Worker

One of the ways that movie theaters earn revenue is through the sale of snacks, so every theater wants qualified people to work at its concession stand. If you have previous experience that is applicable in any way—perhaps you've worked at a fast-food job or maybe you have experience working at a concession stand at a local sports venue—you can be a desirable candidate for this type of job. In this role, speed, accuracy, and friendliness are all important traits to possess. You'll need to be knowledgeable and polite while interacting with customers, but also get their food quickly and accurately.

Ticket Seller

While a lot of movie theaters use digital terminals to sell tickets, or encourage customers to buy their tickets online at home, there are still plenty of theaters that sell tickets in the traditional way. This might be a job that interests you. Any type of sales position can be useful experience to help you get this job, as you'll be handling payments and dispensing tickets. You'll also want to have an upbeat and friendly personality. The ticket seller is often the first person a customer encounters upon entering the theater, so this interaction can help to set the tone for a customer's entire experience.


If you have experience working as a custodian, you may wish to pursue this type of job at your local movie theater. While the theater will have its custodial staff clean the entire premises at least once a day, you'll also keep busy by cleaning individual theaters after each movie showing. Theaters can be messy, thanks to spilled soft drinks and scattered popcorn, so your ability to quickly clean the space and make it ready for the next showing will be important to create a tidy and inviting space for moviegoers.

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